Review of La Grosse Emission presented by Yassine Belattar

Review of La Grosse Emission presented by Yassine Belattar

They came. They are all there. As soon as they heard that The Big Show would come back every night, to 18h22 on Comedy+ live and in public from the Monday, October 12. Directed by Serge Khalfon, fifty exceptional programs will be hosted with the humor of Yassine Belattar who, with a well-written video invitation, was waiting for Oblikon on Friday night, to live-tweet the ultimate Grosse Répétition !

A Big Pressure

Once arrived at Channel+ and installed in a living room, Bruno Gaccio, the artistic director of The Big Show, joined our group to exchange around the social networks and to confide us his apprehension to have this evening, for a repetition, an attentive public. Then, we settled in the middle of the recording studio where, all around us, technicians and cameramen were concentrating on their last adjustments. Side decor, we were sitting in front of a theater stage with a curtain and behind us, two club chairs for the host and his guest, which will lead us to swivel, according to the sequences, during the program.

Remember that if this daily program, imagined by Dominique Farrugia at the end of the 90s, has become cult today, it is thanks to theoriginality sequences and parodies, fruit of the overflowing imagination of many artists – much less known at the time – as the Robins des Bois or Jonathan Lambert.

A big joke


Yassine Belattar then makes her entrance under our applause and jokes right away to put everyone at ease. Credits and then our star host 🙂 launches the first sequence of the show.

And it is with a lot of humor and a sketch a bit satirical that Jordi and Martin wipe the plaster (and the bricks) to introduce the guest – here Bruno Gaccio – with a very communicative happiness to be on stage. There is also Aude Gogny-Goubert a radiant comedian, who is at the head of an explosive news show alongside Patrick Chanfray. And when the latter wanders among the public and the decor while sharing his hilarious thoughts with us, we cry with laughter in front of this true cabaret act.

This rehearsal ends on the stage with a game where comedians, some people from the audience and Yassine Belattar to ask the questions. This last part then offers a moment of collective improvisation totally enjoyable that we would like to see every night thanks to the authors and comedians of The Big Emission.