What to do in Fira Santorin Lebaladin

What to do in Fira Santorini ?

You want to go to an island and enjoy the soft and warm sand to lie down and dream under the enveloping sun ? The island of Santorini (otherwise known as Thera or Thíra) is probably a destination tailor-made for this nice project. This trip will take you to the Aegean Sea near Greece and it is undoubtedly impossible not to go to the capital of the island, Firá. This city is very touristy, not without reason.

Why choose to stay in Fira? ?

The question to be asked is rather why not to be tempted by a stay in the capital Santorini ? Indeed, Firá is a strategic place located on an island that conceals wonders. You will find a city center full of hotels, houses and apartments, allowing easy access to all the tourist sites. Discover the best hotels in Firá as soon as possible to prepare your trip, which will not disappoint.

To begin with, it is a trip that will allow you to aspire to sweet days on the warm sand, and to evenings embellished by a sublime sunset. It is also an inevitable cultural journey, since the city is known for its breathtaking view of the Caldera, its many religious monuments, its archaeological and prehistoric museum or its old port.

The must-sees in Fira

This town of Greece is full of wonderful sites that will allow you to diversify your trip, and alternate with the beach. We present to you the inescapable ones according to our opinion.

The Caldera

When you think of Santorini, you immediately think of the Caldera (a bay carved out by an ancient volcanic eruption from the island of Nea Kameni) framed by the Santorini archipelago. The Fira village Firà is one of the best views of this circular depression, being more central than the village of Oia, also known for the view it offers.

The Caldera

The archaeological museum Thera

This museum is an ode to the past vestiges, of which Greece is a great cradle. It hosts a rich collection, highlighting the island of Santorini. You will find sculptures from the Archaic and Roman periods, vases and clay and clay figurines from the geometric period (900-700 B.C.) characterized by large geometric patterns.

There are also other treasures dating from the Hellenistic period 323-31 BC).

The prehistoric museum of Thera

This museum is located on the site of Akrotiri, which is in some ways the Pompeii of the islands of Santorini. It is an incredibly well preserved prehistoric site, and probably the most important in the Aegean. The prehistoric museum closes the visit and presents a collection of archaeological findings from the excavation site in which it is located, and more broadly from other islands of the Cyclades.

Structured in four thematic parts, it tends to offer a description of Firà under the prehistoric period.

The churches of Fira

Various religious monuments of which the splendid and typical church with the blue dome were set up in the city, or near. This church with the blue dome is used for many tourist photos because of the particularity of the color of its dome, which makes it a typical church. Behind it, you can see the Catholic cathedral of Firà dedicated to Saint John the Baptist.