The best destinations to visit after the collective immunity

Here are the best places to visit after the collective immunity

The world has been enduring the Coronavirus pandemic for several months now. The sanitary crisis didn’t spare anything, and in addition to affecting the health of tens of thousands of people, it plunged several companies as the tourist agencies, the companies of transport, the restaurants, the best casinos without downloading, the big surfaces, etc.

Even if we all try to adapt and keep smiling, we face daily the stress and the pressure related to our health and financial survival.

On this already very dark picture, still blackened by the appearance of more and more difficult variants of the virus, a glimmer of hope is however emerging. The prospect of a collective immunity viable and evolving is more and more concrete, with the vaccines which are developed recently.

If it is confirmed, life can go back to normal, and to celebrate this, what better way than to go out and rediscover the world after months spent confined to one’s home ? Here is a selection of the best destinations to visit after the collective immunity.

The animal park of Courzieu

The first thing to do once the restrictive measures are lifted is to reconnect and reconcile with nature. The animal park of Courzieu located in the forest of the Monts du Lyonnais is the perfect place for this.

It is a small corner of paradise where you can admire an intact fauna and flora. Wolves, marmots, owls and birds of prey of all kinds can be observed in all relaxation, under the supervision of experienced and passionate foresters.

The animal park of Courzieu is very focused on ecology and environmental protection. It houses two natural purification units that ensure that you are in a healthy environment. You can also enjoy some programs, workshops and animations to learn more about respecting our planet and avoiding such disasters from happening again.

The Lyon Vert casino

You like to play at the casino and you have waited too long to go there to live your passion ? The Partouche Group’s Le Lyon Vert establishment awaits you. As one of the best betting sites in France, this complex will make you live again with its entertainment offer (hundreds of slot machines, poker tables, blackjack, roulette, etc.).). Every year, tens of millions of euros are won here, and would you turn down a nice jackpot to get back on track after the crisis? ?

The luxurious amenities of the Lyon Vert casino will make you want to stay for a long time. The spring waterfall at the entrance makes the place look like a 5 star hotel, and it is not far from it. Restaurant with starred chef, French gardens, view on the Alps, what more could you ask for? ?

And if you’re not lucky, the place is sold out, you can always try out the best no-download casino titles from your PC or cell phone, which are simpler and easier to play, while enjoying the charms of the city.

The oceanographic museum of Monaco

While the whole world was bending under the yoke of the Coronavirus, the ocean and its creatures knew how to preserve themselves and keep the pandemic far away from them. Would this universe hold the solution to our problems ? In any case, you have the possibility to get close to it and to discover its countless wonders, all without getting wet !

Direction the Principality of Monaco and its oceanographic museum located on Avenue Saint-Martin, 98000. There are no words to describe the overwhelming impression one feels at the sight of this monument occupying 6 000 m2 of cliff.

No less than 350 different species of fish are presented in life-size aquariums, including the Lagoon, a superb reconstruction of a coral reef. Zebra sharks, turtles, rays, groupers, Napoleon fish, seahorses, cuttlefish, clown fish, jellyfish, etc., you will be amazed, especially since there are also representations of famous ships (Prince Albert’s Swallow or Captain Cousteau’s Calypso). The rooms are beautiful, as are the views from different perspectives on the city.

oceanographic museum

The Walt Disney World Resort in Florida

For those who would like to definitively erase the nightmare of the pandemic from their memories, it is a resolutely fairy-tale destination that they need. The Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida is the place to be. One of the most famous amusement parks in the world, it offers for no less than a week of continuous entertainment !

Immerse yourself in the world of Disney with themed areas such as Cinderella’s castle in the Enchanted Kingdom, water parks, Discovery Island, etc. Plenty of amenities (shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, etc.).) are also offered.

You can visit other parks in the area if you still feel like a thrill. There’s the Universal Orlando Resort for fans of Marvel and Warner Bros. movies., Legoland Florida for lego lovers, and the famous water park Seaworld.

Fort-de-France in Martinique

To recharge your batteries and get rid of all tension and stress, a stay on an island is often recommended, and who thinks of an island thinks of the Caribbean. Martinique is one of the most popular islands in the area, and for good reason.

It offers a wide range of unique landscapes, from black sand beaches to forests, volcanic lands and majestic mountains. An ecosystem steeped in history that is sure to make you rethink your view of the land.

Fort-de-France, the capital is a port city where the’you can discover another way of life, in contact with very friendly locals. You can fish, surf, and explore both the city and the island by car, boat, or hike if you feel like doing some sports. You will appreciate the pure sea air and the exotic food which is very good.

Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania

At the end of humanity’s terrible ordeal, at some point we’ll have to return to the cradle to try to understand the secret of its resilience. If you land in Tanzania, don’t miss the opportunity to contemplate one of the natural wonders of the world, Mount Kilimanjaro. The highest peak on the Dark Continent is still as majestic as ever despite the gradual loss of its ice cap, and climbing it is an accomplishment you can tell your grandchildren about.

It is not all. You will also have the opportunity to visit one of the most famous wildlife parks in the world, the Serengeti. Accompanied by guides, you will be able to admire in the wild all the superb fauna of the African savannah, and lose yourself in the immensity of the semi-desert spaces of the region.

If you are lucky, you will be able to witness the great annual migration of herbivores which sees about 2 million wildebeest and zebras make a journey of 800 km. You can click here to learn more about the Serengeti Park.

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul

In 2021, as a call to sacred union, the Muslim feast of Eid-el-Fitr marking the end of the month of Ramadan and the Christian feast of the Ascension marking the return of Christ to heaven coincide. It is therefore in all brotherhood that the Sultan Ahmet mosque located in Istanbul will open its doors to you to collect yourself for a moment.

Called the Blue Mosque because of the predominance of this color in its interior decoration, the venerable place is imbued with peace and majesty. Pope Benedict XVI himself sealed the friendship between peoples and religions there in 2006, in what was the second visit in history by a pontiff to a Muslim place of worship. We have no doubt that you will be welcome there !

Here’s the list of all the best destinations to visit after the collective immunity, which we have identified for you. During our previous stays in each of these places, we experienced an intense cocktail of thrills. Reconnection with nature, stress relief, pleasure of the senses, etc., we have returned as new men and women ready to face the daily challenges of our existence.

We highly recommend these tours, with the advice to be assisted for the organization by a quality travel and tourism agency.