The most beautiful tourist destinations in South Finistere

The most beautiful tourist destinations in South Finistere

Because of the richness and diversity of our vehicles, you have access to a wide range of choicesé Thanks to its natural and cultural heritage, Brittany is a top tourist destinationêve for travelers on the roadête of déand covered by a car loanétent. The FinistèThe southern part of the region is home to a number of health resortséprestigious tourist areas. Besides these places invaded by hordes of vacationers, many villages in Southern Brittany welcome travelers in a typical and serene atmosphere.

The most beautiful typical villages in the Finistère Sud

The communes of Combrit and Locronan are places not to be missed during the summer’a séday in the FinistèSouth.


In the middle of the cœIn the Bigouden region, Combrit is one of the most picturesque places in the south of Finistère. A good part of the commune is éestablished on a peninsula’île, entourée par l’océan Atlantique, l’Odet, the’anse du Pouldon and the’étang de Kremor. The life of the commune revolves essentially around Sainte-Marine.

This small port village, located in the heart of theé à l’éThe area is not overrun by tourists, and constitutes the most beautiful part of the island’The village has several types of central location for prestigious tourist areasécover the’authenticityé of the Breton territory. Take full advantage of the’atmosphereès of time that are there to enjoyègne à l’occasion d’a few days stopover on the spot. The village has several types of places to stay’hébergement touristique.

Travelers learn about theécient particularès accommodation in the Résidence du Phare – Locations Sainte-Marine.


The férus d’s history and development’The architecture cannot fail to make a stopêt à Locronan. Belonging to the regionéseau Petite Cité de CaractèThe village is particularly well known in Brittany and is also one of the most beautiful villages in France. ImpréTake a look at the’âme médiéThe value of Brittany by walking through the streets of the historic center à foot. The village is particularlyès well organized activitiesé and well maintained by the municipalityé.

Travelers can find everything from handicrafts to everyday necessities to souvenirs in the shops and small boutiques in the center of the village.

The best spa resorts in Franceéareas in the Finistère south

The south of Brittany is also known for itsécié for the beautyé of its coastlines. Quiberon and Bénodet is one of the most popular resorts in Brittanyés most chic areasés and animatedés de la région.


Quiberon is a peninsula that is’île située in the south of Brittany. Its wild coastline is overlooked by theé by sumptuous cliffs. The destination is distinguished by its wonderfully preserved natural environmentéserviceé, offering a very pleasant living environmentéables. Travelers learn about theécient in particularèIt is also an ideal place to practice various water sports and hikingée à vélo, à through the numerous bicycle paths that crisscross the côtes. The villageséThe architecture is a must for those who seek complete relaxationèIt is a place where people can take full advantage of the top-of-the-range services of the thalassotherapy centerséand spas that are beautifully located and well maintained by theés along the seaside.

Without forgetting theécovered by the spécialités local culinary delights, especially the local dishesélices sweetéThe village has several types of lodging facilities, such as the famous Quiberon niniche and the sea excursions to Belleville-Île-sur-Mer.


Bénodet representésente la station balnéthe most chic area of the Finistès southern. Travelers can take advantage of the great beaches in the areaénagées and équipées. Multitudes of water sports clubs and children's clubs line the coastline.

The travelers have a wide choice of activities to choose fromés distractions à practice. Nature lovers can't miss the opportunity to go on a cruiseès river reef on the’Odet for décover the lush natural landscapes and meet on the harbor for long walks of pleasure.