4 good reasons to go to Jordan on your next vacation

4 good reasons to go to Jordan on your next vacation

If you want to visit a foreign country during your next vacation, it is interesting to know the good reasons to go to some countries. Each of them has its own unique culture, cuisine and landscapes. In this article, we decided to focus on Jordan.

We present you 4 reasons why visiting Jordan is a good idea. Continue reading !

1. The people are friendly and welcoming

We all know that people have a great impact on the travel experience. No matter how beautiful the destination is, if the locals are not friendly or try to rip you off, you will not be able to enjoy your vacation. Jordanians and Burmese are by far the most welcoming people.

You can see that’they are very happy to’welcome tourists in their country and’they do everything in their power to make you feel welcome. To make a trip to Jordan, you can book your vacation on the website of a travel agency like Nomade Aventure. You can find several offers that we find interesting.

2. The landscapes of Jordan are varied

From the Dead Sea (the’s saltiest water) to the beaches of the island’Aqaba through the Wadi Rum desert, there is much to see and experience in Jordan. You could easily spend a whole month in this country and not get bored. Our favorite place in the whole country is Wadi Rum because the landscape here gives the impression of being in the middle of the desert’It feels like walking on another planet. A few kilometers from Wadi Rum is Aqaba, a modern city with beautiful beaches.

C’is the’one of the best places in the world for snorkeling. Can you imagine visiting a desert and snorkeling on the same day? ?

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3. The places to explore are numerous

Amman is a dynamic city, full of history and culture’history, where you can easily spend a few days. A few minutes drive away, you will find Jerash, a city known for its well-preserved Greco-Roman ruins. Heading south, you will reach Madaba, known for its 6th century mosaic map of the Holy Land. If you like sports, you can try canyoning in Wadi Mujib – an incredible experience in the desert’one of the most beautiful canyons you will ever see.

4. Jordan is an authentic destination

Few destinations preserve their authentic way of life, especially when’it s’is very touristy places. Jordan is however the’one of those places that remain true to themselves. As part of the Muslim world, Jordan preserves its traditions and culture.

As always, when traveling to a country with a different culture than your own, we strongly encourage you to adapt to the norms and respect the local culture (that of a country with a different culture)’it s’acts of gestures, clothing or anything else).

We hope that our article has made you want to visit this beautiful country that is Jordan. Don’t forget to book your stay in advance so that you can make the most of your vacation !