6 good reasons to visit Canada – Blog Voyage Le Prochain Voyage

1 – The great natural spaces

The Canadian landscapes are unbelievable. The territory is immense, 10 million square kilometers, and it is half as populated as France. There are large natural areas of breathtaking beauty, which give rise to a feeling of freedom and reverence for nature.

Between the oceanic coast, the great forests and the mountainous regions, you will be able to observe very varied landscapes, which, moreover, metamorphose considerably during the seasons. Canada has no less than 46 national parks where you can observe exotic wildlife; elk, caribou and other deer, but also bears, grizzlies, coyotes..

These wide open spaces allow you to indulge in all sorts of sports activities in the great outdoors, with a certain delight !

2 – Fascinating cities


Cosmopolitan metropolis, it is here that we find the largest French community. The city is an assembly of districts, each of which shows its own typicality, so you can wander around with pleasure and suddenly change the atmosphere at the corner of a street. The cultural and night life is lively.

For those who love gambling, the casino in Montreal is the largest in Canada and was built for the 1967 World Fair. Know that the legislation of the country opens the door to a large panel of online casinos in Canada that are inaccessible in France.

Montreal in Canada

Montreal, Canada © Pedro Szekely


With a more American face, with its financial center and its large road complexes, it is a safe and policed city, the most populated in the country. It is one of the most multicultural cities in the world and also has very diverse neighborhoods. A rich and diverse cultural life, including many world-class restaurants.


Located in a fabulous natural environment, between the Pacific and the rocky mountains, with an eclectic architecture, it is a very beautiful city, young, dynamic and pleasant to live in.


The city of Quebec has a more European charm, with its cobblestone streets and its great castle. It is the only walled city in North America. It is surrounded by the region of the same name, known for its fabulous landscapes and of course for its inhabitants.e.s friendly people and their delicious language.

Old Quebec

Old Quebec © Flickr – rbrnal

3 – The friendly welcome

The Canadians.e.s are known.e.The country is often rated as the friendliest in the world for its warm welcome ! The locals.e.s are proud.e.They are very keen to show their country to the tourists who are passing through. Exchanges and encounters with the locals are frequent and rich, and all the more easy thanks to the large number of French-speaking people, who can be found even beyond Quebec.

4 – The exchange rate

The exchange rate is advantageous for Europeans.e.s, as of the date of this article; January 2022, the euro is strong and the Canadian dollar weak: 1 euro = 1.43 CAD / $1 CAD = 0.70 euro.

5 – The gastronomy

Of course, you will have the opportunity to taste the famous maple syrup, emblem of the country, on soft pancakes. But also, the famous poutine; a Quebec dish that consists in sprinkling French fries with melted cheddar cheese and a brown sauce ! A little bit caloric, you might say, but very comforting and warming. I quote these two dishes, the most typical, but each region has its own gastronomic specialties !

6 – The proximity to the United States

Canada has a large border with the United States to the south, but also a border to the northwest, which multiplies the possibilities of making a getaway to the United States once you’re there.