How to have a successful stay in Tunisia

Travel to Tunisia: the guide for a successful stay in Tunisia

Located in the north of the African continent in the state of Maghreb, Tunisia attracts many visitors in recent years. This country is quickly accessible due to its proximity to Europe and the possibilities offered in terms of transportation (boat, plane, etc.).). Before going there, it is important to prepare your trip well to avoid bad surprises.

Here are some tips to follow for a successful and unforgettable stay in this fascinating country.

Stay in a guest house for a stay in Tunisia

For organize a stay in Tunisia, it is necessary to think beforehand about the type of accommodation to choose. The country is full of many establishments that offer various solutions to visitors who are used to booking at the last minute. In any case, it is always preferable to make your reservation well in advance. It is more and more trendy to opt for a guest house in Tunisia’hosts in Tunisia.

This type of establishment offers furnished rooms to accommodate holidaymakers for one or more nights.

Such an accommodation solution is currently among the most popular accommodations for tourists from around the world. First of all, each traveler will be able to enjoy a warm and personalized welcome. The owners of the places take care themselves to welcome each tourist as soon as his car arrives. They will not hesitate to guide you around their properties. Booking a room in a guest house helps to save money on accommodation during the vacations.

Every holidaymaker will save money on his daily meals, because he can, for example, prepare a good meal with his family. By staying there, one can discover a whole region and its cultural richness.


The tourist sites to see absolutely once in destination

Some travelers like to plan everything from A to Z, while others let themselves be guided by their instincts and prefer to improvise once they get there. Whether you belong to the first or second category, the country is full of extraordinary places to discover without further delay. To start the day, tourists can visit Sidi Bou Said.

This beautiful village in Tunisia seduces visitors with its beautiful houses combining Arab and Andalusian architecture. These are bright white with blue doors. They decorate the winding streets.

Music lovers will enjoy it, because the village is considered to be the home of music.

It is home to the Center for Arab and Mediterranean Music in the famous Palace of Rodolphe d’Erlanger. Visitors will also discover vast summer mansions of Arab-Muslim style. Most of the buildings were built in the 19th century and became primary residences in the 20th century.

In addition to its cultural wealth, Tunisia is also famous for its impressive seaside resorts, unique in the world. Vacationers looking for relaxation will be able to enjoy the most beautiful beaches. The beaches of Monastir, for example, attract many visitors every year.

History lovers will spend a few hours visiting the archeological site of Carthage.