4 good reasons to choose a ski vacation rental in Saint-Chaffrey

4 good reasons to choose a ski vacation rental in Saint-Chaffrey

The ski season This year is particularly impacted by the health crisis. Nevertheless, it is important to know that most of the slopes are still open to ski lovers and that only the ski lifts are temporarily out of service. Many enthusiasts therefore choose to take the road of the snowy slopes and the question of the destination arises. If you are looking for a place that is both quiet and full of life, Saint-Chaffrey is the place to go’activities, a preserved natural environment and quality infrastructures, we have what it takes to make your trip a success’you need ! Here are four good reasons to’opt for a ski vacation rental in Saint-Chaffrey – Chantemerle.

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A ski rental in Saint-Chaffrey for a privileged access to the ski area

In the middle of the Guisane valley, a small, discreet, yet reputable resort still resists the current economic climate, which is not very favorable to the ski season. On the grounds of the Serre-Chevalier domain, the Saint-Chaffrey Chantemerle resort n’is indeed not the most famous of the ski resorts but it is nevertheless the’one of the oldest. Here, the ski culture is an evidence and has favored the’the emergence of some of the greatest French champions such as Luc Alphand.
L’One of the most interesting characteristics of the resort and why it is so interesting to choose a ski apartment rental in Saint-Chaffrey or Chantemerle is that its ski area is indeed very easily accessible and also benefits from’a good connection with the centers of Europe’arrival of the tourists. Briançon n’It is indeed that’5 km away and whatever the season, you will also benefit from a wide range of services’an exceptional sunshine !

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A vacation rental in Saint-Chaffrey – Chantemerle with ease !

Indeed, the region enjoys’a discreet but recognized prestige that has pushed some of the biggest holiday rental companies to move to Saint-Chaffrey’to locate there. C’is notably the case of the activity Foncia vacation rentals which offers a large number of’accommodation for visitors all year round. The size of the rentals offered is very variable, which makes it possible to satisfy the needs of couples on a romantic stroll as well as families or groups of friends’friends.
Opting for a vacation rental offered by Foncia, it is one of the most interesting features of the’is also to have a wide choice of geographical situations. Indeed, the pages of the site put at the disposal of the candidates to the snowy vacations of the accommodations near the tracks but also of the places more favourable to the rest and located in withdrawal in the valley. In addition, All of them are very well equipped and most of the other islands’The area has a lot to offer’a balcony to make the most of your vacation vacation rental in Saint-Chaffrey and the 300 days of sunshine per year that the’offers the region !

Spend the’winter in Saint-Chaffrey and enjoy the activities

If the region is so favorable to ski vacations, it is because of the’It is also thanks to the variety of slopes that you can enjoy your holiday’is home to the resort. Here, the area includes almost 250 km of marked trails for nearly 410 hectares of tracks. There is something for everyone, from beginners to experts.

Take a vacation rental in Saint-Chaffrey or Chantemerle in winter, it’s the best way to enjoy the sun’This is the guarantee to live a maximum of sensations, whatever your desires are.
D’as well as Saint-Chaffrey is not limited to downhill skiing. Cross-country skiing enthusiasts will be able to go for a walk on the slopes’The 33 km of slopes are dedicated to snowboarding, while 4 km of slopes are exclusively reserved for snowboarding. You will also be able to go to the’You will be able to discover the region with snowshoes and bivouac in a yurt for the most adventurous.

Finally, sledding, ice karting or construction of a building’igloos The following services will complete this unique experience to make your vacation in Saint-Chaffrey a success.

A studio rental in Saint-Chaffrey and possibilities

D’On the other hand, if the weather gets bad, you can still have fun thanks to the many activities available in the area. Bowling with the family or an escape game with friends s are as many’Fun activities that will allow you to create beautiful memories to share. In the summer, renting a vacation rental in Saint-Chaffrey will allow you to go on the many hiking trails of the area that will lead you to the top of the mountain’on the other hand you have emblematic places like the Col de Granon, the Cascade de la Pisse or the Pierre aux Œufs.
You can also enjoy swimming in the famous biological baths of the domain, perfectly fitted out and reproducing with precision the natural environment. Thrill seekers can go rafting, canorafting or kayaking’airboat. Finally, those who want to hit the slopes in the summer will be able to enjoy the scenery’If you’re looking for more information on a Greek island cruise, then make yourself comfortable and read this article the chapel of Saint-Arnoult and admire the architectural splendor.