Lost cat when returning from vacation what to do

Cat lost on return from vacation: what to do ?

Experience theexperience with a lost cat is terribly scary. It is an integral part of your life and is also the object of much affection. Not seeing him come home contrary to his habits can be explained in different ways. Either they got lost or voluntarily walked away out of annoyance.

In both cases, you have to react quickly.

How to find your cat quickly ?

If your cat is lost for a short time, that you are able to say precisely when he disappeared, then start by calling him insistently and strongly as if you were inviting him to come and eat. Repeat every half hour for two or three nights in a row.

Often, lost cats are located within 300 meters, so not as far from home as one would think. However, they may be injured, in a state of shock or inadvertently locked up making them unable to return home immediately. Nevertheless, by repeating your call, it is possible that by hearing your voice, they find their way home.

Indeed, cats are animals that attach a lot of importance to habit and hearing a familiar voice can be reassuring and allow them to find the way to follow.

If the disappearance of your cat is a bad surprise when you return from vacation, making you unable to determine how long you have lost your pet, so other ways can be followed. Moreover, these means should also be used in addition to your repeated calls in the event that your cat has recently become lost.

Put an ad on line

You can prevent that your cat is lost in publishing an ad online. In general, the information spreads quickly allowing someone who finds your pet to inform you immediately.

There are several groups on social networks dedicated to lost cats, like Pet-Alert on Facebook. Specialized sites like 30 million friends can also be very useful.

When you post your ad, don't forget to include :

  • The place of disappearance
  • A picture of your cat
  • A quick description with all the information you see fit to share (white, black, brown, tabby, eye colors, male, female, chip, no chip, special collar)

Putting up posters in the street, in shops and at the vet's

To give you every chance of find your lost cat quickly, the strategy is to multiply the ads. Also, in parallel with your online announcement to the’In France, you can stick posters in your neighborhood to better locate the disappearance and warn your neighbors. As we told you, it is rare that cats move more than 300 meters away.

Follow the same pattern as for an online ad by including on the poster a picture of your pet, the location of its disappearance and a quick description.

Do not neglect the veterinarian at all. Often, the first reflex when we find a sick, injured or shocked animal, is to bring it there. Veterinarians are able to scan the microchip if your cat has one.

If you inform these animal health professionals that your cat is missing, they may be able to make the connection between your pet (if it was brought to them) and you.

Putting up posters in the street, at the shops and at the vet's

To visit regularly the I-CAD

The I-CAD is the national file of identification of domestic carnivores. If your cat has a tattoo or a microchip, it may have been registered on the site by the person who found it. So check regularly that the’we don't’of your cat when you come home from work identification number or his tattoo.

In France, it is important to know that the electronic chip (which replaces the tattoo) is a legal obligation for the owner of an animal. If your pet has a chip or a tattoo, it will be easier to find it. On the one hand, you will be able to regularly consult the I-CAD database yourself, but if your cat ends up with animal protection actors, they will also be able to find you and contact you more easily.

What if my cat just sulks? 

Another option, your cat can voluntarily "sulk" to you. This one has its little character and may have been upset by something you would have done. He may very well have voluntarily moved away from you, and feed at the neighbors' to punish you.

Don't hesitate to go around the neighborhood and ask your neighbors if they have any questions’they have recently a cat that comes to feed at their house. Let them know that it's not your cat’Give them a quick description of your pet or show them pictures you have taken of you and your cat. This will allow them to trust you, and return your cat the next time they need it’they will see it.