Discover Savoie even in summer!

Discover Savoie even in summer !

The department of Savoie is a destination that attracts many tourists in summer. Nestled in the heart ofœof the Auvergne-RhôIn the Alps, it has the best ski facilities in France. However, it remains a place that deserves the trip during the other seasons of the year’year.

Between landscapes, mountains, lakes, villages and hôsuch as 4 stars, discover the treasures of Savoie in summer.

Reserve in a hôsuch 4 star hotels for a summer in the Alps

Some people think that Savoie is a destination to be visited only by those who want to go there’in winter. They believe that this department does not’There is not much to offer other than its ski resorts. This arbitrary perception is in fact erroneous. Indeed, Savoie is home to wonders that only ask for a little more to offer’to be explored in summer.

After to have deposited your suitcases in a hôThere are many services offered in 4-star hotels, and different solutions are available’will offer you.

Savoie is a mountainous area characterized by a particularly rich fauna and flora. More’a third of its surface is covered by green forests. It also contains a wide range of natural sites of remarkable charm.

C’This is one of the reasons why’it is as much a source of interest as it is a destination for tourists’attention of nature lovers.

Its relaxation areas are ideal for family or couple activities. In summer, its ski resorts are transformed into balneotherapy complexes. Many services are offered in the hotelsôYou will be sure to take advantage of the many activities offered in the Alps to enhance the well-being of your visitors: massage treatments, relaxation, and more, beauty area, spa, sweat lodge…

Lakes and mountains: perfect for a summer excursion

Savoie is the ideal region for summer excursions. Its lakes and mountains offer a breathtaking spectacle to its visitors. They are’The Alps offer a better view of the surrounding countryside and can be explored in many different ways. Depending on your desires, you could You can also make some walking expeditions to admire them.

This approach is a must’elsewhere the most practiced by the tourists.

If you are looking for thrills, you can opt for less conventional approaches. Among them, tourism in the air seems to be very popular with visitors. It consists in discovering the wonders of the region on board of a boat’a plane, a hang glider’a hang-glider, an airplane or a’a paraglider or an airplane’a helicopter.

This solution has the particularity of’offer a better view of the Alps’together.

Regardless of the season’s approach, the’The dazzle promises to be the best’be at the rendezvous for your summer excursion. Just make sure you don’t miss out on the highlights of Savoie: the Lake of Geneva, the Lake of Geneva and the Lake of Geneva’Annecy, Mont Joly, Lake Geneva, Petit Mont Blanc, Lake Bourget, Lake Roselend, Mont Saleve, Lake Lessy, VallĂ©e Blanche, Aiguilles Rouges…

Stop in the’one of the many Savoyard villages

Beyond the natural sites, Savoie has a lot to offer’a very rich cultural heritage. You can find many villages in the heart of Savoieœof its mountains. They are generally made up of massive houses arranged in a row.

In principle, the villages of the Savoie are located in the same area on the sunny side of the mountains. They are then easy to find’access for visitors.

The people of these villages are known for their friendliness and for the fact that they are very close to each other. They will be able to teach you more about their tradition. To this day, Bonneval-sur-Arc is considered the most popular tourist destination in Savoie’one of the most beautiful villages in Savoie. Located at the level of the sources of the valley of the Arc, it is surrounded by beautiful landscapes’Arc valley, it is surrounded by splendid landscapes.

However, it is not necessary to have a large number of accessories’It does not eclipse the villages like Chanaz and Hauteluce.

Your visit to the villages of Savoie will be a pleasure’ideal opportunity to taste local dishes. The flagship product of the region is cheese. It is used in most Savoyard recipes.

Among them, the most recommended are: the Savoyard fondue, the cheese crust, the crozets, the diots, the tartiflette, and the cheese’eternal raclette.

A day of swimming, hiking or camping in Savoie

During your stay in Savoie, you will have’opportunity to practice various activities. Lovers of swimming will be able to enjoy themselves in the various places dedicated to this activity. It should be noted that the bathing places of Savoie are provided with water of’excellent quality.

The Savoyard mountains are not only dedicated to skiing. In summer, you can use their marked trails for hiking. If you don’if you are not very sporty, you will just have to take your departure from the high parking lots of the region.

The most enduring ones will appreciate moreôIt is possible to hike on high peaks such as the Dent du Chat.

Wild camping is also a very popular activity in the Savoyard department. It favors the return to the fundamentals of human life. Once you have the right accessories, you will be able to do it without any problems’You will be able to do it without any problem. Of course, you will have to choose a good place among the possibilities that are available’offer you : lake of Savoie’Aiguebelette, Mont-Blanc, Val d’Arly, lake of’Annecy…

Do not miss some of the tourist destinations in Savoy

The Savoie department attracts thousands of tourists every year. In principle, most of its tourist destinations are interesting. However, some are more worth a visit than others’other.

Take a trip to Aix-les-Bains

The city of’Aix-les-Bains is the’one of the They are the nerve centers of the Savoy region. Its thermal spas are renowned for the comfort they provide’they offer to their customers. As for its many shops, they are a great attraction’the craze of the tourists.

It is home to the Bourget Lake, the’one of the most prominent natural lakes in France. Very popular, this lake is characterized by a water of’a dazzling blue. You can also try some activities such as kayaking and paddle boarding.

Visit the town of Chamonix

Chamonix is considered as the « city of Mont Blanc ». Annecy has some useful cable cars to explore the highest peaks of the region. By visiting it, you will have the opportunity to discover the area’opportunity for’admire unique panoramas.

Its streets are full of stores and restaurants offering delicious food. The activities that you could practice there are varied: paragliding, rafting, mountain biking, etc, rock climbing, guided tours, etc.