Discover the motorhome tour package with Thellier Voyages

Discover the organized trip in motorhome with Thellier Voyages

Who says ” organized trip in a motor home Thellier Voyages” necessarily says. Leader in this field, this tour operator proposes offers that combine freedom and safety. Present on this market for 25 years, with more than 785 travelers, 4,000 crews at work, it distinguishes itself by the “top of the range” quality of its services.

If you’re looking for a good time, you’ll find it here’a bold and original adventure, the organized trip by motor home can please you.

The concept of the organized trip in motorhome seen by Thellier Voyages

Traveling by motorhome with Thellier Voyages can seduce you if you are thirsty for freedom and discovery. L’The objective of this process is simple, but relevant. Thellier Voyages organizes a specific itinerary including well-trodden steps, a number guided tours programmed, reserved campsites..

The process

The group of motor-home drivers can gather about twenty, even thirty motor-homes, which meet on the bivouac sites or on the “roadside” tourist sites. These can be private sites, campsites, etc. Once on the road, the motor-home drivers can drive separately from the group as long as they respect certain conditions, namely the meeting places.

The group is always closely followed by a professional guide’guides. They know their destinations inside out and are omnipresent all along the journey. They are there to answer the different questions and to check that the group is free’it n’there is no glitch.

Their presence contributes to the success of the stay.

travel by motorhome

The briefing: an essential phase

To the’help from’After a briefing, the participants can know the’the next day’s stage. L’guide presents the’itinerary by’crew. Then, he distributes the “Route Card” of the next day and the required documents.

Each must then reproduce the’itinerary on its map. L’guide comments the’Step by step : stations, terrain features, points of interest’interest for the’purchase of travel souvenirs, service areas, picnic spots, restaurants, supermarkets… and provides information on tips to make your stay easier. After the briefing, the participants meet around a table’an aperitif, conviviality obliges !

The different formulas available for motorhome trips

Whether you are “cultural sites” or “dense jungle”, you will have the embarrassment of the choice among our broad program of trips. Here are our formulas that will help you to see the organized trip in motorhome d’another eye:

  • The original version : c’is the centerpiece of Thellier Voyages if you want to discover the region with’Europe and its neighboring countries. It includes services and itineraries that have reinforced the notoriety of our tours for more than 20 years.
  • Its “Discovery Formula”: this one is declined in 6 circuits “Original Version” which takes back the know-how of the house with the original version, but with revisited services in order to limit the budget to be allocated.
  • The long-haul and Europe version in a rented motorhome: here, everything is in charge of Thellier Voyages, starting with the flights, the rental of the motorhome and the tour to be organized until the end of the trip’to the choice of the’guide.

Final words, before leaving on the roads

With Thellier Voyages, say goodbye to organized trips in motor homes and their eternal constraints. We guarantee you a trip full of surprises from the beginning to the end of the journey’at the end !