Nice 3 activities to do at sea

Nice : 3 activities to do at sea

Nice is a splendid city that overlooks the Mediterranean Seaôte d’Azur. What makes this destination the best in the world?’One of the most popular is undoubtedly its structure, which is based on the same principle as the one used in the past’erected between the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. It offers the’It is an opportunity to practice several outdoor activities.

You can for example rent a boat and sail the waves.

Rent a boat to sail on the Mediterranean Sea

Nice is a city that benefits from’a climate favorable to outdoor activities. You are traveling to this city ? C’is the moment for you to’explore Nice differently, far from the hustle and bustle of the city’human activity, sailing on the Mediterranean.

Boat rental in Nice

To start a nice trip on the river’If you’re looking for a boat, think about renting one. Depending on your budget and the number of people, you can choose :

  • a catamaran,
  • a sailboat,
  • a yacht,
  • a zodiac,
  • a cabin-cruiser.

By going through a boat rental agency in Nice you will find these different models for It is an opportunity to practice several outdoor activities. However, it is important to remember that when you don’t know how to sail, the presence of a boat is not enough’a skipper in the’The rental offer is essential.

boat rental

The boat itineraries

For Escape to the heart ofœof the Mediterranean Sea by boat, All you have to do is define an itinerary to follow. Several possibilities s’offer to you.

Choose the right boat’Nice-Monaco itinerary to see the beauty of the old Nice with its baroque churches, its colorful squares or the mountains that surround it’surround. Dive into the heart ofœThe city of Nice has no shortage of boat rentals, so you can rent a boat in the heart of the English Promenade while breathing in the atmosphere’the pure air of the seaside. Then turn to Monaco, a city perched on its rocky promontory, overlooking the’blue immensity that l’Surrounded by.

As other itineraries, you also have Nice-Saint-Tropez, Nice-Les îles de Lérins. Each of these routes can be done in one day or more, offering you an atypical way to discover Nice.

Go water skiing in Nice

Water-skiing is a sport that consists of being towed by a boat in the water’help you’a rigid rope or an elastic rope’a bar. It is possible for the person being towed to take a boat’use, or not, skis. Without skis, we are talking more aboutôt of « barefoot ».

This activity offers you the opportunity to’perfect opportunity for you with the members of your family or your friends. The most popular boats for water-skiing are the motorboats and the boats that are used for water-skiing.

Scuba diving to visit the depths of the Mediterranean Sea

If Nice offers an amazing landscape on the surface, it is the same for the depths of the sea which is the most beautiful’surround. Dive in the heart of theœheart of the’Villefranche-sur-Mer to discover the hidden treasures of this underwater trail.

You can go on a deep-sea excursion in a small group with guides who will help you explore the Mediterranean Sea’another point of view.

The city of Nice does not lack of’activities to do in the open sea. While some of the tours are in progress, others are not’between them require the rental of pleasure boats, of’Others are done with sport sailboats. You can now enjoy the sea in Nice by choosing the’one where the’Other activities.