Thief review – A video game between infiltration and adventure

Review of Thief – A video game between infiltration and adventure

Thief (2014) is a game of infiltration and adventure of Square Enix and Eidos Montreal. It is the reboot of the famous Thief: The Dark Project (or Dark Project: The Thieves Guild in French).

Game that could have been positioned in a category of its own, but the attempt is not transformed. The result is very average, explanations…


Garrett, the Master Thief, leaves the shadows for the City. In this place where danger lurks around every corner, where the Baron’s guards rule through fear and growing oppression, he can only trust his abilities. Neither the most vigilant citizens nor the most protected assets can prevent him from achieving what he covets.

The revolt is growing, and Garrett finds himself embroiled in an increasingly complex conflict. Under the banner of Orion, the voice of the people, the oppressed citizens seem ready to do anything to regain control of the City from the hands of the Baron.

Revolution is inevitable. If Garrett does nothing, blood will flow in the streets and violence will tear the City apart.


We discover a very dark universe and a scenario of a particular darkness. At first sight, we think that we are plunging into a strange but not unpleasant adventure and it&#8217s with pleasure that we play Garrett, a rather tortured character. But this pleasure is short-lived…