5 ways to improve your photos and images

5 ways to do it’improve your photos and images

Most of the time, the images, selfies or portraits captured by our cameras have some defects. Indeed, the resolution, the sharpness, the framing, the colors of the rendering can sometimes leave something to be desired. So, to improve the quality of your photos, make them more creative and more faithful to the magic of the moment, it is often preferable to retouch them.

If you are looking for tips on how to easily process your photos, you have come to the right place ! We have selected for you the 5 best tips to enhance your images.

Correct the lighting of your photo

Your picture is overexposed or too dark for your taste ? The photo was taken against the light ? No need to panic ! It is quite possible to adjust the brightness, exposure, contrast and tone of your photo afterwards. You can even accentuate or de-emphasize your image’attenuate the nuances of colors of the image. In addition, shadows and reflections on the image can also be corrected if necessary.

Thanks to this light level correction, your photo gains instant depth. Adjusting the lighting is also a good technique to highlight the subject of your image.

Crop your image

If you want to change the angle of view or highlight a specific part of your image, you can crop it. It is also possible to crop your photo to remove superfluous elements or adapt your image to the desired dimensions. The Adobe Express online tool allows you to crop an image in seconds.

You can even cut the image in different shapes. All you have to do is import your JPEG or PNG photo, crop it, and then instantly download the result.

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improve the resolution of your photo

It often happens that photos, especially those downloaded from the internet, are blurred or of poor quality. These images can easily become pixelated when you try to increase their size. To remedy this, we advise you to use image enlargement tools to double or even quadruple the size of your image while maintaining their quality.

Nowadays, there are actually artificial intelligence tools that have the ability to process low-resolution images. These powerful softwares allow you to extrapolate pixels from your initial photo in order to obtain a sharp, faithful and very high definition result.

Change the background of your image

Make your photos more vivid by customizing their background. To place the subject of your image in a more attractive environment, you don’t need graphic design skills. In fact, there are many smart cropping tools or background removal tools available today that can help you easily change your background image, to give the illusion of a more realistic image’to be in Bolivia for example.

With just a few clicks, you can now replace the background of a photo with an image more suited to the theme and mood you are looking for.

Enhance your image with filters

In order to get both artistic and stylish images, nothing better than using photo filters. Filters are artistic effects that regulate the temperature, texture, tone and dominant colors in your photo. They thus contribute to give a certain cachet and a particular atmosphere to your image. To apply a filter to your photo, nothing could be easier. It is enough to choose by the different filters proposed by default on your smartphone, or on different applications of image editing.

Among the most used, there are the vintage or black and white filter, the polarizing filter, the skylight filter, or the Gradient Neutral filter (GND). Infinite possibilities to express your creativity.