3 reasons to choose a private jet for your vacation

Travel: is it a good idea to rent a private jet ?

To make your vacation a success, it is important not to forget anything when organizing it. Apart from the fact that find the ideal place for the trip, accommodation or activities to do, you must choose the best way to get there. For a long time reserved for a certain social class, the private jet is a means of transportation that has been greatly democratized.

The days of prejudice are long gone and you can choose this option for your next vacation.

Use a means of transportation very accessible to all

Nowadays, the private aviation sector is becoming more democratic and is no longer limited to a typical client, such as a celebrity, a CEO or rich heirs. Thus, there are multiple private air transport offers that allow anyone who wishes to go on vacation. It is important to know that the price for a private jet flight depends on the costs related to the use of the aircraft and its maintenance. The number of passengers is not taken into account when setting the price.

Therefore, a private jet to Paris le Bourget is a great way to get to know the city A good option for trips with family or friends. If you turn to an air broker, it is possible to obtain a tailor-made trips.

Also, the accessibility of private jet travel is due to the fact that a large part of private jet flights are empty flights. This situation does not suit the private aviation companies who therefore offer flights at low prices in order to make money. They avoid bringing back to base an empty private jet that was initially rented only for the outbound trip.

Benefit from exceptional comfort to start your vacation

The choice of a trip in a private jet offers a comfort out of the ordinary by allowing you toavoid crowds and long waits at the terminal level. The comfort on board the aircraft is also an important point to emphasize, whether for short or long flights. With a private jet, you avoid traffic jams and overbooking of the summer period.

It is also an excellent way to stop worrying about your luggage. You can take almost everything on vacation the children’s strollers or your pet who will not be in the hold of the plane, but at your side. Finally, a flight on board a private jet gives the right to different services depending on the type of aircraft chosen.

Among other things, it is possible to have access to a hot meal, a room or even a bathroom.

Save a lot of time with a private jet

Saving time and money flexibility in the choice of itineraries are one of the reasons why private jet travel is becoming more and more popular. Indeed, it is possible to plan your flight according to your desires and choose your own schedule. Up to the last minute, you are able to change the number of passengers.

Also, it will not take you more than fifteen minutes to get to the private terminal for take-off. Thus, with the private jet, you benefit from a flexibility and a Expert organization of the trip and the transfer that save precious time.